Gender, Crime, and Justice: Critical and Feminist Perspectives


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“The anthology Gender, Crime, and Justice: Critical and Feminist Perspectives provides feminist and critical perspectives on crime, justice, and human rights. The readings survey gender socialization as it pertains to criminality. They examine inequality within the patriarchal system with the primary focus on the subjugation and oppression of the gendered body.

Gender, Crime, and Justice introduces students to concepts associated with gender ranging from equality to violence. It engages them in in-depth examinations of crimes of sex and the discourse on sexual autonomy. As effective studies of gender must be inclusive, the reader examines the socialization of both boys and girls and explores various ways gender affects women and men in a society that values heteronormative masculinity.

Rather than immersing the reader in statistics, the book takes a conceptual approach by addressing topics such as a gendered view of violence, prostitution as a gendered crime, and traditional gender attitudes towards violence against women. Gender, Crime, and Justice is well suited to classes in gender, women’s studies, criminal justice, and sociology.

Rosalva Resendiz earned her Ph.D. in sociology from Texas Woman’s University. Dr. Resendiz is an associate professor in the Department of Criminal Justice at the University of Texas-Pan American, where her particular interests include critical criminology, Chicana feminism, gender, and women’s studies. She recently published “”Gangs”” and “”Pinto (Prison) Art”” in the Encyclopedia of Latino Culture: From Calaveras to Quinceneras. Her work has also appeared in the Journal of American Ethnic History, and the Encyclopedia of Criminology. She is the co-author of On the Edge of Law: Culture, Labor, and Deviance on the South Texas Border.”

  • Gender Crime and Justice Critical and Feminist Perspectives


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