Sisters in Crime Revisited: Bringing Gender Into Criminology


(as of 02/22/2018 at 00:19 UTC)

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Distinctive Features
* Surveys the pivotal works of leading scholars in the field of criminology, from the earliest female criminologists to contemporary scholars, providing a thorough examination of women and crime from the past to the present
* Pays homage to Freda Adler, whose scholarly and balanced research on female criminals lays the foundation for the discussion of the history and development of female offending
* Navigates through such important criminological questions as: Why do women offend? How do their paths into crime differ from men’s? Why is there a gap in crime rates between men and women?
* Examines how conceptions of masculinity, often embedded in male peer groups, result in crime and in the victimization of women
* Addresses how female offenders interact with and are processed by the legal system, covering the complicated relationship between gender and justice


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